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Originally Posted by willys
OK...all you guys who have drilled out the slider in the carb to 7/64ths and put the 2 shims under your needle.....what did it do to your miles per gallon rating???? and was it worth it?? Also did you mod the airbox too???
I am very interested in doing this mod but don't want to kill my mileage to the point that I have to stop at everyother gas station!! lol

Can someone please chime in and help a newbie out? thanks!!
I have never heard of anyone having negative mpg's as a result. I did the mods to the carb, removed the snorkle. did not cut open the air box. and I did drill the slide. I think if I had to do it again, I would shim the needle, remove the snorkle. then ride..... if need be then drill the slide.

the most important thing you can do is open the pilot screw. start somewhere between 1.75 and 2.0 turns out from fully seated.

these simple mods will take care of any surging and lean spots in the power band.

good luck.
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