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Eek D606's

Originally Posted by nooner818
Oh yeah, my second favorite mod...

Have to be the TKC-80 tires. They are real confidence builders when you get offroad. And, the best part is they work really well on pavement too.

They are a little pricey and from what I read they don't last as long as other tires. But, I've got about 2000 miles on them so far and I think they should go for another 1500-2000 miles. I'll buy them again when the time comes for new rubber.

Others like the D-606's, but I haven't tried them. I figure I'm happy with what I've got, why experiment further?
The D606's seem to last OK, but are so goddam noisyon the pavement that I can hardly stand it!! Guess I'll try the TKC80's..........I've heard nothing but good about them. But,,,,,,what about noise on the pavement????
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