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What the fark!!
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Originally Posted by Gummee!
Everybody else must be out

Went racing this AM. Went better than expected, worse than hoped. Basically, I sucked, but wasn't DFL. Not being DFL was the goal and I accomplished that!

I knew I was going slow, so I moved outta the way of pretty much anyone that wanted by. Up to and including some of the people out on the course warming up. There should be some common courtesy 'bout that... But then, on the flip side, how you gonna see what the course is like without riding on it?

Got there a little late, registered, and proceeded to 'warm up.' My warm up consisted of riding up and down the hill at the start finish a few times, then making my way onto the course for most of a lap. Managed to get in front of someone racing and got offline on a bumpy section of the course and ended up bailing out over the bars. Trail 1, Gummee! 0.

We lined up at the start line in a group of about 40. I managed to snag a spot on the front row. By the top of the hill, I was pretty well DFL. I just don't have the intensity or fitness to go all out right now. This cough/cold is still with me, so I didn't wanna push TOO hard. Up, up, up we went. Gradual but still uphill. Got to the top and guess what?! Barrier. Off the bike, turn 180 degrees and go back DOWN the hill you just came up. Did I tell y'all about the sand? 'Bout took me down most laps as my front wheel oscillated wildly then hooked back up going any direction but straight. Ugh. Didn't crash in the race tho!

Left turn, down about 10m, right turn, back UP that 10m to a telephone pole laid across the trail. Killed ALL my momentum EVERY time I got there! Bastages!

The rest of the course was flat-ish ('cept for that hill I told y'all about) and wound thru a few baseball fields. There was one runup behind the backstop of the second field that kicked my ass. Wasn't too long, but steep! Man, took about every ounce of gumption in my being to get my fat ass over that thing every time I got there. And that includes the times I was trying to stay out of the way!

As you exited the second baseball field's infield, there was a straight 'false flat' and a set of 3 barriers. Towards the end, I couldn't even manage the energy required to run over em! Pooped I was!

Whoda thunk 45 min of riding a bicycle could be SO FARGING painful?

I can't wait till next week! Woot

Coupla things I discovered

1. I didn't have enough air in the Racing Ralphs. They felt OK, but lost traction and rolled over onto their sidewalls at strange times. Maybe next time I try 45-50psi.

2. I missed my Tufos. After a bunch of years (~2-3) riding em, I've gotten used to the way they break loose, ride, etc. Changing tires the nite before the race was I'll have em re-glued by next weekend.

3. I am WAY fat and out of shape. Nuff said. Specialized lunch rides, here I come!

4. I had a few mechanical issues that I wasn't expecting. Brake rubbing the front tire and a rear pad that got sucked under the rim. Took some of the wind outta my sails.

5. Gotta leave earlier. Rushing = bad

6. Not being able to get to sleep till 0200 isn't good either, but I woke up without a problem when Stick Me came home.

7. Did I mention fat and outta shape?

Oh well. Next week the goal is to get lapped one less time. By the end of the season, the goal is to not get lapped at all and/or actually RACE someone!

Way to go Gummee. I think changing out important parts of your bike the night before a race or a long ride for that matter is mandatory.

I think I got the same creepy crud you had. Riding after having that stuff is the pits. Push to hard = coughing fits.

Can't wait to hear this weekends results.
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