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mike, do you play golf?

I play golf, like most things ive learned i had to teach myself how to do it. mostly by playing, and some by watching others. what i have learned and what somw us need to realize is that there is no one way to take the club back, hesitate ever so much, start the downswing, make contact and follow through. shit if you take the 10 beat players make computer models of their swings, you will find that the only thing incommon is that they are using clubs to hit little white balls. see there is not one perfect way to do anything, let alone play golf or even to live your life. i do no expect everyone here to understand me, my life, or any of my decisions for I unlike most of you and really just beginning my adult years. I have not lived and experienced what you have, and nor have you experience my life so i would just ask that instead of sniping and insulting you take a step back and watch what is really going on. we are in essence doing the same thing, just differently. I love golf, they say that if you love it youll see it is an analogy for life and not just a watch that little white ball fly.

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