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Originally posted by Bird
Heewee go ugeen. (to the future and inevitable posts).

Nice analogy, BTW . I was looking for those words earlier, but couldn't find them, and aside from that I would have been violating my own JM rule numero uno: DO NOT ENGAGE...stick to posting shit about waffles and beer.
Did you say WAFFLES???????

Well get that man a National Waffle Association Sticker

Just remember the flounderiing advice of our peerless feeder "Proud Member of the NWA - You can have my waffle when you pry it from my warm, sticky fingers!" - Javarilla

Well holy shit batman 500 posts, I never thought I get here...
The hidden harmony is found with joy, while the obvious brings indifference.
The farther you enter into the Truth the deeper your conviction for truth must be.
There is understanding of the world precisely to the degree that there is understanding of the Self.
Collected Works of the WingMakers Volume 1 pg. 590
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