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Originally Posted by EMathy
While it's cool a manufacturer is making a new street legal, thumper based dualsport ride...

I can't see dishing out $10k for it. It's a liquid cooled 650 thumper, fer crumps sake! There is nothing on this bike that we haven't seen before.

Does anyone else think that the real world stock HP will be a wee bit less than 55hp? I love factory HP claims. They're almost as accurate as the advertised weight!
My guess is that these new 650's will be in the $7K range.

But it's a guess. Let us enjoy the new toy feeling for awhile before engaing in the "But I like my 20 year old fading to pink DR650L!" "FI bikes suck" "ABS is for woosies" and "It comes with a 3yr warrenty" discussions for later.

Leave the faithful to their lusting.
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