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Originally Posted by Hair
The new BMW diet.
Basically it's eat all you want and still make weight.

114 kg is 251 lbs. I really don't think that this BMW weights the same as a 525.
Wow... I can hear the axe grinding from here.

Originally Posted by Touratech
The Touratech TB652 Oryx is a lightweight construction motorcycle based on the BMW F650GS. High quality components and concentrating on the essentials have enabled us to achieve a weight of 115kg (ready to drive and without fuel).
So, TT was able to do this 5 years ago, using bolt-ons. Your right, there is no way it could be done now.

Chill out dude... drop your ass on one when it shows up and make your call then. Unlike alot of bikes out there, when it hits the dealers floor you can take it for a spin to your local truck scale and declare loudly "I was right! It weighs 260 pounds with less then a gallon of gas!"
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