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Originally Posted by GiorgioXT
I have one

Bought used for less money than a GS set of cases .-)
only "soft spot" the electric regulator/converter on the early series, that as in Africa Twins overheats and may burn all the rest of ignition... but nearly all the bikes still avalaible were modified .

I really never would understand Japanese bike makers brains ..
In Europe these bikes were a success, still have a place on the market and they discontinued them ... just to see BMW GS and LC8 sales soar,
In Northern America, were are best suited for , long distance confort, good offroad capability, long range ... were NEVER offered and even discouraged the "grey" import.

Superténéré is an excellent bike, a little top-heavy , but with a very good frame, a nevending motor for power and durability and suspensions soft... but with right displacement. Standard brakes are PERFECT for offroad use and knobbly tires, but may be easily improved for road use simply changing the pump with a wrecked sportbike one

Yamaha may just take the old XTZ, throw into the TDM900 injected engine (easy task), a little restyling of the fairing, a good front fork and shock .. and voilà : the LC8 killer... 105 hp, dry weight under 215 kilos and should cost no more respect TDM Europe around 8500 euro...
but they are fools...
You hit the piston right on the head. U.S. dealers are full of cruisers sometimes it's hard to find even a dual/sport parked in a showroom. They need to buy a clue, pull their head out or whatever it takes to build and distribute these versatile machines world wide.I for one, would be more then happy with handing over 10 grand for bike like you've described. KTM is a bit up there for their long term reliability issuses. Yamaha has requested customer info and interaction/reaction for their new v-max. We should write in a candidate for production 900 Tenere for Prez!!!
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