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Originally Posted by manfromthestix
I've got a 2003 Suzuki DR650 that's been a great bike, but like the KLR it's kind of a hog if you want to do true off-road riding. I've got a BMW RT for touring and a BMW 1150GS for Big Pig dualsporting and want a true enduro for the stable. So I've been shopping and have settled on either the KLX 450R or the Yamaha WR450F. Both are around 100 pounds lighter than my DR650 and are true competition enduro bikes. Since the Kawasaki dealer is about four blocks away I'm leaning in that direction. The nearest Yamaha dealer is 30 miles off, so that's not really a big issue. The Yamaha is supposed to be getting an aluminum frame for 2007 that they say will be a big improvement for weight and handling. The Yammie will be about $7,200 US in 2007. The KLX 450R should be available "sometime between May and July" according to my dealer. It will be a 2008 model and probably be around $7,400 US.

It will take about $150 in parts and some effort to make the KLX street legal so I can ride it from my house to the hills (needs a brake light & switch, horn & button, and left-side mirror to make it street legal). The other good news is that it comes with a 6 month warranty that you can extend to 3 years, not bad for a competition-oriented machine! They warned me, though, that riding it in even one race would void the warranty.... There should be good support from dealers and after-market for the 450, and hopefully they'll sell enough of them that they won't become "rare" like the KLX 650.

You guys have done a wonderful job of "keeping the love alive" with these bikes!

I think that this new KLX series is going to make a new step froward for the "ready to race 450" I believe that kawa will be more durable than the others like in the past version at least I hope so
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