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Originally Posted by RotaxRider
Hi there,

I have a 2000 F650GS, which I could potentially ride this winter (Canada). What brand and grade of oil do you use in your bike? Do you change the grade/weight of the oil for the winter riding? (I'm currently running mine with Mobil 20w50.)


I'm not sure that it's a good idea to run 20W50 in the Rotax single ever. It's a water cooled engine that runs tighter tolerances than a boxer and doesn't need the thicker oil. I like oil that reaches all the moving parts quickly, especially when cold.

Right now I'm using mobile1 5W40 and will change to the 0W-40 when it gets reaaly cold .

FWIW, I used 10W-30 dino in a BMW K75 last winter in temps as low as 10F, worked OK, put 20W-50 in when it warmed up and the engine was not as responsive to throttle. A guy can go way overboard on oil!

(OH great, now I've turned this into an oil thread. We're heading to JM for sure now! )
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