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Some folks have built their electric stuff and found that it maybe wasn't quite warm enough, myself included, I modified mine just a bit (shortened the wire) but if you go too far that direction you start to scrifice coverage. So how does a guy increase the power without taking out so much wire that the coverage goes away?
Why not build a garment with a couple of circuits in parallel and switch them on and off as needed?
I've been thinking about doing this-running 2 or 3 circuits. Lots of wiring involved but wire is cheap, I think I paid $9 (with my ham radio discount) for a 100' spool of 30g teflon coated stranded wire and switches are chump change at rat shack.

I built one of ZZR Ron's controllers, works fine, the hardest part was finding that pot for the control. I came very close to building a resistor network and just switching from like low/medium/high, but a trip to Fry's while I was on a trip to Kali yielded the right part.

If nothing else, it's fun to play with and you can make it work just the way you want.
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