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Originally Posted by DrLost
I have decided to live with the crumby small tank, any GOOD ideas about an auxiliary since I think the Acerbis thing is a lost cause?

I've seen a mount for MSR camp fuel cans which seemed like a slick setup. Ive been thinking about raising my luggage rack enough to stick two cans under there.

Anyone running heated Grips and / or heated vest? It was in the upper 30's when I got home today and I was getting a bit chilly. What can the charging system on the KLX handle and are their any options for beefing up the charging system since I suspect it is going to be weak.
I just put on some Elcheapo element-style handwarmers on my 95 klx650c. They work pretty well so far, However the throttle side gets DARN HOT on high. Other side isnt as bad... Most of the heat goes into the bar. I ended up fabricating a small plate that bolts to the handlebar clamp to mount the switch and resistor.

Bark Busters Moose or Acerbis??? I really want big wind deflectors since I'm running this rig late and early in the season.
Need to replace my handle bars since mine are tweaked, any suggestions?
I went with moose "CR high" bend steel bars and Moose gaurds. The gaurds took a little persuasion to fit, and the mounts still dented the front of the tank after a dump or two... But they were cheap You guys who spend 100 bucks on handlebars are freekin nuts
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