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I'm getting ready to start threading my pants and jacket and I've been giving a lot of thought to what others have said about making sure the wire is close to your body. The jacket and pants I'm using are a Starter Drystar windproof, breathable 100% polyester exercise suit I bought at Wally World. It has the mesh liner and is just as effective as my Motoport AirTex liner at keeping wind off me while riding. It also doesn't look so hideous that I would actually wear it to walk around in once I'm off the bike, and the smooth shell slides very nicely under my Motoport Air Mesh gear when dressing or undressing.

I bought the smallest size suit I could comfortably wear but it is still a little loose in several places, more than I would like. I turned the jacket inside out last night and started collecting the sleeve along the seam to approximate how much I might take it in. I then noticed the liner is only attached to the shell at the cuffs, waist and collar. I collected up just the liner and realized its mesh construction allows it to stretch! Viola! I don't have to take in both the inner and outer layers of the suit to get a snug fit!

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