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About 1/2 hour earlier, there was section of about 20 fet of ice.
Mix that with a Dunlop D207, not a lot of speed, but the clutch was out, in third gear, and I got a nice highside for my trouble and recycled some plastic... Not a scratch to myself. But mangled the video camera in my tankbag. The bike lit in it's top.

Now the bad part of this is that I knew there would be ice up there and had planned on going another way. Didn't.
A bungi net, a couple feet of atheletic tape and we made it back to my garage.

Doesn't look all that bad, do it? No glass in that mirror on the right. Dented tank, dented frame... Crushed upper fairing, mid shattered and rashed. Bent brake lever, and smashed controls on the right. Rebuilt all the plastic and switch gear and rode the beast a 100,000 miles, then sold it.

Then there was this:

Went on this No Whimps ride. About two hours later a fat guy falls on me and knocks me and my bike over in the wet sand. Nobody got a picture.

I attempted this ride after spending the previous day at MotoVenture dirt school getting completely tired and whole body sore. I could barely move on the big pfig, but I had better skills than I had the previous weekend. Just not enough leg to hold my bike up against a little fat guy aon a big fat bike.

This is the first rest stop and probably some of the easiest road we saw all day. It was a fun ride, and I would have enjoyed it more, had I not been so sore, and maybe if I was on something smaller.

I did learn this though, never, ever go on a ride that is lead by some young kid on a real dirtbike. Or for that matter any old desert racer. For both these groups an easy ride is any ride that does not require emergency services, plaster or guns.

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