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Yay! I finaly figured it out. Stupid needle valve for the float was intermitently sticking open then shut causing a highly confusuing lean then rich then working properly then rich then lean then... A float valve stuck shut would just starve the bike for gas. Stuck open would flood it. I had suspicions but every time I checked it would be working fine. After eliminating everything else I just replaced the entire valve assembly. Viola! Runs like a peach now.

The good thing is that while I had assumed the whole time that my jetting was the culprit (I had played around with numerous configurations) I actualy found that the bike responds really well to jetting upgrades when it was occasionaly working properly. Now that I know the jetting wasn't the problem I can go back in and continue experimenting. The top end seemed very responsive to oversized main jets and airbox exhaust mods.
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