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Originally Posted by autolycos
Hey, Wickerman77, I don't know if you've been following on, but probably the next place to go before a whole lot of jetting if you're looking for power will be the Z1 mod, take off the fire arrestor, and use a hole bit to drill a 1 inch up to 1 7/8 inch hole in the deep recesses of the muffler.

I'm planning on opening mine up on Monday following Turkey day.
Yep already done that, uni air filter, removed the snorkel, 42.5 pilot jet, and a 130 main though I'm gonna go up a size or two on the main and reshim the needle as I had removed it during the trouble shooting. The shim seemed to help drasticly on deceleration. I had the main up to 140 at one point and it seemed to respond well with the opened airbox, filter and exhaust. I'll keep playing around till I find the best combination. I'm just happy that the cutting/bogging out issue has been dealt with. This bike is so much fun.
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