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Wickerman, what are the symptoms?

If you're running wide open, and then chop the throttle shut, and it bucks and doesn't immediately and smoothly slow down, you're too rich. The small cc singles react very strongly to minor jetting and needle changes. It's not like messing with a 4-cylinder or even a v-twin's carbs. A little lost efficiency is not noticed on a 500cc+ multi-cylinder bike, but even a tiny bit lost on a 225cc single is noticed right away.

My advice is to leave the needle stock, and get the bike running correctly at wide open throttle. Once that's done, get the bike idling correctly and starting smoothly, by adjusting the pilot screw. Out means richer, in means leaner. NOW, and only now, consider adjusting the needle. If the bike has a flat spot in the middle of the rpm range, shim the needle NO MORE THAN .020" (that's twenty thousanths). TINY changes make a huge difference.


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