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Oddometer: 852
Fastway footpegs. Can stand for lengthy periods.

Earmold earplugs. 35 decibel reduction.

Alpinestar La Stradas. (25 years old!)

HID lights. BMW hi beam is shite.

Bar risers.

Gearsack rack and bag. (25 years old also)

Dianese leather pants.

Braces for pants! Dianese's don't need them, but BMW Rally II's do.

Cable ties+++

BMW System 4 helmet with peak. Can ride at highway speeds with sunnies, but bugs do hurt.

Wiley X sunnies.

Polarfleece neck tube in winter.

6" shorter screen on GS Adventure 1150. Much quieter and cooler. Less buffeting in traffic. Looks sporty too.

Thumb squeegee for rain.

Hold all for cross brace. Made by local saddler.

Throttle rocker+++.
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