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Originally Posted by humvee
He might even get the cheap rates because he's outside the perimeter.

Going up again next year
The whole insurance thing really ticks me off. I could buy a new bike every 4 years with what it costs me in insurance. I have a brother who lives outside of the city and I am going to be giving him my bike next year so he can insure it for me. It is a little shady and I normally like to just pay my dues but they are forcing us to do that stuff. 1900 bucks for 650 for a year? It is just crazy. The fact that I have to pay all of that during the riding months and can't save by taking the plate off in winter just pisses me off more. I know a guy who is 55, rides a mid 90's Goldwing and lives in a small town. He pays over 1000 a year. 55 and riding a Goldwing how often is he going to get into an accident? It is just crazy. Someone at Manitoba Public insurance really has it out for us. They really need to classify us by age. Until I bought my bike this year I was not the kind of guy who wanted to organize and complain to the "Man" but this has made me want to do that. Why can't they let us have our hobbie without paying through the nose for it. Really they should be encouraging people to commute on smaller displacement bikes. It is much better for one person to ride a bike to work then to one person to take a car. Anyway Rant over. Whew I needed to get that out. Thanks for listening.
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