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Oooooooo, that rally appears to be too excite'n for me.....
Actually, the best part involved a head on accident.

Route 70 goes up to Quincy from Oroville and there are a series of bridges under construction. They're all one lane now, so you regularly have to wait for traffic to clear and get either flagged across or the traffic control to switch.

Apparently, someone had a little trouble with the control and there was a head on at the very first bridge out of Oroville. Traffic was all backed up and I was getting ready to turn around go back up Oroville - Quincy highway. A guy rode up from the bridge and told us the CHP were letting bikes across.

We rode down and sure enough, the CHP held us until the ambulance got off the bridge and then waved us through. One of the wrecked cars was still on the bridge, but we could make it by. We had 50 miles of Rt. 70 ahead of us with no cars on it. Smooth, twisty, finely paved roadway was all ours. I beat the big RS the whole way. It's definitely one of my most memorable rides.

Got kind of medium ripped with the Idiots, which was fun. But yeah, there was a large contingent of old guys going to bed at 9pm. And to top it off, some fucking asshole had to fire up his airhead at 6am.

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