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Ok I'm just convinced that something deep inside this carb is fuxored. I've solved the main problem with fuel delivery but I can't get this thing to run consistently smooth no matter what I have done and this is just about everything imagineable.

I know for a fact that the original owner though only putting 500 miles on it managed to screw up the jetting and fill the carb with dirt and sand. I've cleaned the piss out of this thing repeatedly, replaced all the jets in many configurations including stock setup, inspected every possible issue I could think of and it still acts wonky. It will run perfectly one day then bog or surge the next. I'm sure that some debris got into this carb and is stuck way up where I can't clean it out and I'm not sure the intake boots are sealing correctly to the carb.

I'm just going to buck up and get either a flatslide or utilize a carb from a different bike (just ran into a free carb off a klx250) and go from there.

I've done alot of research on this bike and just about nobody seems to be having the problems I am experiencing so I'm confident the bike is not inherently flawed but it's vexing cause my girl spent alot of money on this bike and of the 1000 miles put on it only a couple hundred were ridden by her. I'm feeling guilty as I kind of pushed her to get this bike and though we technicaly got a smokin deal on it (the year she wanted with only 598 miles on it for less than blue book) it goes to show how decieving things can be and how badly and quickly people who don't know shit about their bikes can screw things up.

It makes sense now why the second owner who purchased it at 500 miles and did not even put 100 miles on it just wanted to unload it. The first owner screwed it up and the second got stuck with a lemon that she never had fun on cause it ran like shit. Her local shop where we picked the bike up was a bit scetch too.

I'm a mechanic and have been rebuilding and tuning carbs for a good while now and this thing is frustrating the hell out of me.

Has anyone got a different carb on their xt and how is it. I'm a sea level west coast.
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