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snakes in desert campiing

Originally Posted by Lc4pd
So do you guys worry about rattlesnakes when camping out in the desert? Like at night when nature calls. Just wondering, and yeah I don't like snakes.
Snakes in the desert are a concern. But they are fairly uncommon. They like warm, but not too hot weather. They are out at night in the summer because daytime temps are high then. Use a flashlight and watch where you step. Never had any problem with snakes like getting in a sleeping bag, but with a tent and zipper rainlfly enterance should be fine. Also its usually too cool in winter for snakes in most places, though you might see them sunning on a warm rock farther south like in Southern Ariz.

Hiking most places in the desert in summer I might see a rattlesnake once in
four-five days of hiking. Also check boots before putting them on first thing
in the morning. Lore has it that scorpions can get in boots though this has never happened to me. Also if boots are in the enclosed tent (fly zipped) nothing will likely get in them.
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