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If Flug wears that thong any longer he'll get such an atomic wedgie he won't be riding at all anymore (still trying to get THAT picture out of my head EEEEEEEK). As to stalking...I have ways to deal with that

We had really neat colors and yes Dave, we do have the red/rust/orange and everything in between stages too but I couldn't stop at some of the real purdy spots cuz 1) there were cages lined up to take pics or 2) I didn't wanna get run over on the edge of the road. Maybe I'll have better luck with the camera next time.

WTG Steve! The ol' K bike comin' thru for ya afterall :): I'll be thrilled when I get that many miles on mine. Although I doubt I'll EVER hit the rev limiter in 5th
The K is a blast, although I had tons of fun with the 650 too. Just different fun! I wish I could have kept them both!

Ostrich, the KRS has to be patient with the Bandit. We just have to pull over and wait every once in a while for the little Suzi to catch up. The Bandit is a fun little bike and really rips if you let if, but its brakes are not very confidence instilling and it lacks stability through the turns at speed. Cheesy framework I guess. Not a bad starter, but it just doesn't compare to the beemer.

Javarilla, how did I end up with the KRS? Go ride one and you'll know! After many different bikes over my 25 or so years of riding, the KRS is it. By far. I've had good times with all kinds of rides from beat up little Hondas to a brand new FJ1100. The KRS still puts a grin on my face just thinking about it. It's the whole package that makes it what it is to me, and it just plain FITS me. Maybe the FJ1300 would have stood a half a chance if the Yammie dealers didn't have their heads up their butt. If I can't even LOOK, much less test ride an FJ without plopping 500 bucks down as a deposit-forget it. No way in hell am I buying a bike I haven't been able to ride. Plus it makes me question dealer support if I ever need it. That's not an issue with the BMW, I know they're there if I need them. The Suzuki just came along as an inexpensive scooter run around on.
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they are upside down under the ice you tard
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