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Re: Re: an adventure report for Krusty

Said DR DRB:
Dear Coonass,

I want to get into adventure riding and would appreciate your advice. One of my biggest concerns is finding time for the extensive preparations which appear to be necessary. How accurately does the tire pressure need to be adjusted? I'm worried because my electronic gauge only reads to the nearest 1/2 pound. Is it always necesarry to carry two water bottles when travelling across borders? I've heard some people recommend a camelback for rides over 25 miles; their bikes seemed awfully quiet though--do you think there is a corelation?

Having seldom ventured across unprotected borders, I've got some anxiety over the tribe with the pointed head coverings. Once I was at the airport and some people wearing bed sheets approached me, but their heads were uncovered and shaved. They seemed rather harmless and even offerred me a free book; do you think they could be a sister brotherhood?

Your picture of the native foods contains some packets which I assume are maybe for parasites or traveler's diarrhea? Did you bring those with you, or can they be aquired on the road? Those rolled up white things look interesting, but I'm wondering from the later pictures of you squatting over your bike seat whether maybe they gave you gas?

TIA for your patience, as I have a few more questions. I assume that the bass limit at the fishing port is to prevent scaring the fish? My stereo only goes up to 8 on the bass control anyway--do you think the authorities would notice?

Also, I want to compliment you on your photos. That one of the sign on the dam looks like it was taken from right on top of the dam. What kind of telephoto lens and tripod did you use? Was it difficult to find a vantage point?

One more big worry. You said you travelled 150 miles in one trip with no equipment failures! Wow. Is it really true what they say about BMW reliability? Can I expect that kind of service from my machine?

Humbled would be adventurer
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