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Re: Re: an adventure report for Krusty

Said DR DRB:
Dear Coonass,

Humbled would be adventurer
It's good to see a growing interest in our sport. Let me try and help you with some of your questions. Remember, take it slowly, you can't get to this level of ability might pull a hamstring or somethin.

"I'm worried because my electronic gauge only reads to the nearest 1/2 pound"
I'm afraid the heigher mathmatics required to fully explain this is beyond the scope of this forum and will try to simplify it for you. When you sit on the bike, if the rim touches the ground, add air.

"Is it always necesarry to carry two water bottles when travelling across borders? "
Yes, but only for balance. Carry a bottle in each tank pannier and always drink from each bottle. You will find a great improvement in your riding.

"I've got some anxiety over the tribe with the pointed head coverings."
We all do!

"Those rolled up white things look interesting, but I'm wondering from the later pictures of you squatting over your bike seat whether maybe they gave you gas?"
OK. I going to let you have another of the Coonass's riding's called an after-burner!!

"That one of the sign on the dam looks like it was taken from right on top of the dam. What kind of telephoto lens and tripod did you use?"
So, you've learned to translate the ancient dialects? This type of preparation will serve you well. It is only a standard lens. I am the daring, brave and sometimes fool hardy type of adventurer. I ignored the warning and walked onto the damn dam. This type of behavior will sometimes confuse the local tribes people and they will fear and respect you...or throw a rock.

"One more big worry. You said you travelled 150 miles in one trip with no equipment failures! Wow. Is it really true what they say about BMW reliability? Can I expect that kind of service from my machine?"
When you have prepared as much as you can, eventually you will just have to go for it. Make that first step and as the Coonass says, " Ride it like someone wants to make a fuzzy hat out of your ass!"
"...Ride, boldly ride..."
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