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Now here's something I'm going to share with you, but it's really the great hope of the Italian motorcycle market. GM is investing heavily in fuel cell technology, but those crafty folks at Moto Guzzi are developing a prototype bike that will convert CO2 directly to O2. It's powered by nothing more than water and sunlight.

Unbelievable. I had to be really careful, ya know? I mean they had a bunch of guys guarding that thing, all decked out in nifty sharkshin suits. You would have thought they would have gotten the cut on the suits right, especially under the left arm. They all were kinda baggy and bulging right there. They need a new tailor.

Those Japanese better watch out. Italy is back in a big way. Trust me, you're going to see one of these with a leopard skin seat and you're gonna say, ya know that KBasa is a pretty smart guy.

Mark my words here.


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