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Eh? more vagabond camping stories

This is fun. Some more vagabond camping stories:
Now I got this calm cool heightened awareness setting in. Im here plenty early, Im still looking over my guide books and maps having all these wild ideas of what the places are going to be like over the routes I take. My mind and body are on full alert, Im so alive. My Spanish is ready, my documents are ready, Go.
The border is less than 20 miles away, I get up early Sunday morning and head to an out of the way crossing. I was the only person waiting to cross. I went with the flow, got all my stuff 1, 2, 3 and was on my way. Sweet. ... I'm in Mexico!

I made Ciudad Victoria in no time, nice city but it was early and I wanted to check out the eco- forest reserve. Plus I thought I would try to camp the first night, thinking it will add to the adventure.

The trail was hardly noticeable from the road but I've been practicing looking for camping spots like this ever since I can remember. The trail ended at this old corral. It looked like a good spot to camp and was. That evening and the next morning was filled with loud weird sounds. Waking up here was so cool, Espresso coffee, the perfect camp spot, screeching exotic birds, the feeling I was in a foreign land. I had a tightness in my throat thinking about where I was and what I'm about to do, Yeah!

Photo--My First night in Mexico down a dirt path in the heart of the Tropic of Cancer, Eco-Forest Reserve.

Obviously I didn't know how available water was going to be in Mexico.

Getting Lost in Mexico:
I started a zigzag pattern the second day having fun with the maps. The further inland I went the cooler the landscape. Map reading and navigation is everything. Towns mostly have new names and roads are marked as to what town is down it. Way way cool! This IS the adventure I 'm looking for but at the same time I'm thinking, what the hell am I doing? While checking out the mountains I didn't want to get to close to Mexico City. I've read stories from south of the border biker about the heavy traffic in the City and I don’t want any of it.

This road should have taken me to the other side of this ridge that was plainly visible while driving along. Then it should have led to a road toward the coast. Beautiful ride, I ended up in some small village way up. It seemed like the village was having a celebration in there beautiful town square. I found out later it was just a normal Monday. I’m really liking life.

I was totally lost in the Mountains for over a day. The road (or trail) was this steep and steeper. It seemed like for hours I was standing on my pegs and spitting rocks out with my rear tire as I was goosing it to keep my balance. All three maps I had showed a connection between two highways. One map even showed a red line thinking a state highway. There was none and 50% of the towns listed are either not there or the names have changed. I did find some beautiful Mexican villages on my way to nowhere and had a great time.

In the mountains along the road there didn't seem like there was much unused flat land open for camping. The little villages I came through had zero tourism and the motels were not obvious and looked WAY primitive even to me. That night I camped on a Mexican family’s driveway, with their permission. They were unreal friendly people. The Man of the house kept telling me he has never met an American before and he wants his sons and daughter to meet me, or I think that's what he was saying.

The kids hung out with me all morning. After I used up all the Espanol I knew they just had a ball watching me pack up my gear. Super pleasant and well mannered kids.
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