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Eh? Vagabond camping stories

More fun! Vagabond camping stories:

The guide book said there is a scenic route to Belize City, but in the rainy season you should talk with the locals to see if it's passable. ....Well.....This was the dry season. So... I just went for it. Yeeha! It was scenic.

My first night in Belize somewhere between the northern border and Belize City. There are options everywhere for riding off of the main dirt road I was on and none of them were on the maps I had. I was totally running out of sun so I just take a dense looking path and figure I can camp right on it. The trail turned to standing water. I back it up and park right there for the night. I had a nice campfire made from about 5 pounds of guide books and maps I didn't need cuz Iím not going to that part of Mexico, plus whatever else would burn. Anything to lower my weight and space load. Fun time!
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