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Eek sometimes you donít have a choice

Vagabond camping, sometimes you don’t have a choice except not go there.
Chilling out in the Jungle.

Mayan Indian village in Southern Belize:
Far southern Belize high up in the Maya Mountain rain forest is where the Mayan Indians fled in the 1500's to escape enslavement. The Mayan's still live a primitive life style today. The villages are all set near good swimming for bathing.

Driving through the villages I see a lot of chickens, pigs and mules in front yards.

Main road into Agucate village.
South, past here was one more village before the Guatemala border. I forget the name but it was larger then Agucate, which is around 40 homes. To get there is a one hour hike through the rain forest, the only way in.

Road goes from two tracks to one. I park it and two Mayan dudes plus dog guide me an hour into the rain forest to some caves and a waterfall. Agucate, Southern Belize near the Guatemala border. The guide book said this is the best rain forest in Belize.

Here are two of my guides into the Jungle. Ya! I just bumped into them. I guess all the villages have people who have gone through guide training, plus a lot of villages have guest bunk houses for eco-travelers. Everyone who visited my camp outside of town asked why I'm not staying in town at the community place.

It was about a half hour walk through the jungle before we reached the caves with pre-Columbus markings. About another half hour before the water falls. Way cool, I feel this is a dream.

After the hike I pick a camp spot about a mile outside Agucate village. I rode down a path that leads to a jungle river. The water was great for swimming.

Visiting Mayan's at my campsite near Agucate village:
Out hunting they captured this Iguana, the legs are bound for transport. The handler was showing me the belly and said this is prized food because it's full of eggs.

Another group of Mayan Indians visiting me at my camp site near the village. They were asking me "Were you in the Army? Aren't you afraid to sleep out in the jungle alone?" I said "Na! I'm from the north woods, I'm not afraid" Then one of them said "What's that" and pointed to the thick brush next my tent. They were kind of trying to tease me about the jungle and I thought this was another attempt. Then I saw the biggest snake I've ever seen, at least six feet long and thicker then my arm scurry from the brush to the front of my tent. I swear if my tent wasn't zippered shut it would have slithered inside. One of the guys said "I would stay inside your tent after dark if I was you" I forget what I said but I do remember what ever I said my voice was shaking and my knees felt loose. Believe me I took their advice. I slept with my cycle boots on all night and sacrificed a water jug so I wouldn't have to step outside to pee. Before the group took off one of them with a machete made a stick for me, it had a name but I forgot what it was called. The stick was for checking the brush for snakes. He showed me how to use it. "You check for snakes like this, you kill them like this and this is how you whip the snake out of your way." Yaaa!....I thanked them and practiced using the stick. Wakeup call,...Hello, I'm not in Wisconsin any more!

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