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By Phideaux...

.....PLEASE HEED MY WARNING......DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT get involved with those DOGs guys! They are very dangerous, tell lots of lies and take you to places you don't really want to go. They make you ride thru nasty stuff and get your bike all dirty and they laugh at you if your bike decides to take a nap. I've even seen a DOG almost in hysterics when a GS ( you do have a GS don't you?) fell asleep in a cold wintertime watercrossing. They go camping sometimes and consume beverages that make them act all wierd and stuff. somehow their tents move about in the middle of the night and bikes wander off into the woods all by themselves. They do this dirt tracking thing around the campfire too at some cult hideaway called TWO.:ymca If you happen to wind up at TWO while this nasty crowd is there and you feel you must shower...DO NOT drop the soap. , well at least don't pick it up if you do...there may be a kwer or two hangin around up there ...ya never know. They also take pictures of themseves doing stupid stuff and even post those pictures on the inter-tubes for the 'wrong people' to wives,daughters and girlfriends. They're known for kidnapping some poor girl named Lilo. Bunch of leg-humpers. They play childish games like tag too. And that Willy-B guy is always doing pop-a-wheelies and stuff. They've been known also to associate with jeep drivers from South Carolina and banjo players from Kentucky, no astronauts yet (but its been close). English teachers...they even allow one of those in their group ! They've got this one guy that takes your picture and messes it up and stuff and puts your screen name on it for all to see...I tell you there is no honor amoung theives with these guys. Some of them have earrings, some tattoos . There's a biker-babe that hangs out with em over near Suches and she sometimes has to teach 'em a thing or two. Also I implore you not to eat any food offered by members of this motley crew ---Billy's Bar-B-Que or Clayton Clay's Chi-chi chilli or anything prepared in the cave located inside a red barn looking building at 60 and 180. Also...if you buy gas at Suches, well, you might want to keep that to yourself . You also may want to keep it kinda quiet if you ever trailer that GS ....some DOG's don't like no trailers. If you have a POS helmet to sell, don't you dare try to pawn it off to one of these clowns as a brand new piece of high tech safety gear. Lastly, if you have some real ugly blue shorts---well you probably ought not to wear those around that bunch of hoodlums, and whatever you do don't talk in no foreign accent or nothin like that.
You have been warned my friend. very,very careful!!!

BTW----if you're one of those OLD guys ---don't expect no special consideration, respect or nuthin like that either...DAMHIK!!

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