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Originally Posted by wide open
First, does anyone that uses an XT off-road go to the trouble to put rim locks on? What about slime in the tires?

Second, what about gearing? I don't plan to take the bike on any multi-lane roads, but will probably be looking at some steep hills. Are slightly smaller counter-shaft sprokets the ticket?Muchas gracias!
Never had a need for Rimlocks on any of the 4 we've had in the past. I think the rear has one stock but its in the storage area so I can't just jump down and look.

As for the gearing, 1st gear would scare a billy goat. I'd venture the vast majority start off in 2nd once the bike is warmed up. Anything lower and you'll never be safe to get near a freeway. As it is, the stock gearing climbs anything and still keeps up with freeway traffic easily enough. A few tweaks could bring it to life and those are well documented but out current '01 is bone stock.. even on the stock somewhat worn-out knobbies that need to be replaced. :)
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