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Thanks chip,

I'm going to start throwing in my 2 pesos worth over at the xt forum as soon as the bike is in the garage, but as long as all us "Rodentus Maximus Adventurous" (Beep! Beep!) species types are here, maybe I'll ask a couple of more Qs:

1) Was looking at the TransAmerica Trail site last night. Couldn't help but wonder if the little XT, with proper jetting, of course, would make it over the high elevation passes on the Colorado portion of the TAT. Has anyone done this? Or are there any high-elevation XT riders here?
In my case, if I were to try this, my weight and my gear's weight on the bike would be almost 250#.
I think the XT is going to be a great little bike, but I wouldn't want to be pushing it uphill at 12,000 ft!

2) With the same idea in mind, has anyone put the nicely waterproof Happy Trails panniers on an XT like the chap in the DR200 thread has done?
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