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I was coming home to search for a skateboarding thread,seriously,
there a re a couple in here.

My daughter got a scooter for christmas,I rode it once and then borrowed one for a day.
I decided to get my old skateboard out,she did not even know I had one,three actually.
There is a brand new middle school near the house with a huge basketball court,and a few ramps near the bus area and gym.

We had a blast.many times she said ,"are you OK?" and,"you're pretty good"
She wanted to know if the new tricks were popular when I was in high school and what the names of my skater friends were.
I skated like I ride and sail,solo.
But now I look forward to doing some of these things with her.

After acrobats we went again in the lighted area of the parking lot which doubles as a basketball court.Some POS leaked a little oil,but it is still nice to have a place to skate.
It felt so good,I needed the excersise.

by the way,did you order old school?Powell Peralta replicas are available.
Then I headed over to where my girlfriend works. Greg, the boss, followed us outside and kept trying to tell me about how he went to Las Vegas one time on a motocycle. I was like, "oh-kay, that's great Greg."

Just back from Prudhoe Bay, IMO it was really worth the trip, AK is a beautiful place & you need lots of time to take it all in. I'm looking forward to returning & exploring some places i didn't have time to ride.RIP Ron Melton
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