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Originally Posted by Hayduke
So I am seriously considering buying an XT225 for Bonnie Abbzug, like, soon. The issue, however, is that she is 5'0 tall and a new rider- she's been learning on a cool little 1978 Yamaha 100 enduro- a fun little bike but she's getting to the point that she wants to go farther, faster. On the enduro she can easily flatfoot and feels really comfortable, but the XT is pretty tall. I know you can slide the forks up, soften the preload, cut down the seat. Is there anything like the lowering links available for KLR's out there to lower the xt even more? She's just not confident enough yet putting only one foot down. We may go look at one this weekend, so any quick replies would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!
Don't bother modifying it at all. My girl is 5'1" with really short inseam and she can't flat foot either but the cool thing about the bike is that it is so light she dosn't feel intimidated by being on tippy toes. she can loose a little balance one way or the other and has a large margin to catch herself. One thing that makes the bike nice is that even though a 5'1" girl can get her toes down it still has more ground clearance than my DR650 They just mounted the eng high up in the frame. It's an extremely capable offroad machine for this reason and if she can get used the the height will likely be leaving you in the dust once she gets some experience with it I'm looking into getting an XT350 for myself as though I love the 225 it's a little cramped for me.
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