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Originally Posted by blacksan
Oh geeez, now I want a long board too. It's been so long since I surfed asphlat My last board had steel wheels. So, I just want to play and not have dillusions of grandger, What should I be looking for?
Aesthetics. Seriously...some of these boards are art.

I started (or re-started...I"m a "Re-entry" longboarder) with a Sector 9 48" Pintail but any decent board with real trucks and wheels is what you're after, and weight, surface where you'll be cruising, style, etc. all factors in. I like Abec flywheels but YMMV.

As part of the old fart experience, go to a skate shop that sells long boards and get their opinions (I've always been treated well even though I'm old enough to be not grandmom)--that's always fun. Get their input.

I was lucky enough to live across the street from a HUGE school parking lot on a hill that wrapped around the school...made for a relaxed 10 minute ride if you did it right, a big lazy carving session with enough room to carry momentum uphill. I've got one board set up for "cruising", one set up for carving.

I used to hang out here:

I found that even a short 10 minute run around the neighborhood was great for reducing stress after work. Hard to stay tense when you're

Wear all the safety gear. Unlike the kids, we gotta show up at work the next day. I look like I'm working for the bomb squad when I skate.
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