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Originally Posted by dizave
It's here (you probably already knew that).

I kept meaning to put that deck from above together and go but then I kept not doing it Now that I know DLF lives near the park here maybe I can get her to go be old with me some time (I assume she meant this one)

You're still a youngster. You'll do fine. I never did much park skating as a kid, but I remember the first park opening in Fayetteville. My parents were never really happy me with skating (yeah, I was the kid wearing the red hockey helmet) and never let me go, so all my stuff ended up riding hills, maybe doing a few minor tricks. Used to keep the board bungeed to my bicycle as I scouted out runs after school. Great memories and no major biffs.

I was surprised at how quickly it came back to me almost 30 years later. The skills and balance were there...the only problem I had was braking. Apparently my hop-off-and-run abilities were greatly diminished by time.
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