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Originally Posted by DRconvertible
I went college in Illinois in the early-middle eighties and was the only person on campus that skated. I got to be known as "that guy on the skateboard" because I rode all year long and because I wore shorts through winter unless it was really, really cold.

One night, bored from making it snow inside my dorm room with a humidifer, a box fan, and an open window, my roommate and I had a shot contest. It started out with a shot every five minutes but time seemed to drag between shots and we just shot as we felt like it.

By the end of the hour I took down twenty-one tequila shots. My roommate quit after eight. Our school had in-dorm phones that were party-lined and all had the same prefix number so I just started dialing random numbers until a female voice answered. After about thirty rejections to a drunken, "Do you wanna come over and drink?", one finally consented.

"Are you gonna pick me up?"

"Sure," I said. "Where do you live?"

She told me.

"How will I recognize you?" she asked.

"I'm riding my skateboard over."

"Oh," she said. "You're that guy on the skateboard."

I don't remember riding to her dorm, but somehow made it there. She saw me, walked up to me, and asked what we had to drink.

As we were heading back to my dorm, I was coasting along on my board and she was walking next to me. It was a cold night, and I was in shorts, but had on a heavy jacket. We were getting to know each other and my hands got cold so I put them in my jacket pockets--deep, warm jacket pockets.

And then I hit a crack in the sidewalk. I remember the impact, and I remember not being able to get my hands out of my jacket pockets but don't remember anything else.

I woke up in the morning, still lying on the sidewalk, in a small pool of my own blood and the left side of my face swollen and sore. When I got back to my room, I looked in the mirror and it looked like I had been in a fight and lost. Bad.

One top of that, I was hungover worse than I'd ever been to that point in my life.

I saw her later in the semester and she said she tried to wake me up but couldn't, and since I was breathing regularly, she left. She also commented about me hitting the pavement with my face leading the way and wondered why I didn't even try to put my hands out to break the fall.

So, yeah. I vote you get that skateboard.
And you tell the story of your moto get-off and then "vote" that the noob not get a motorcycle, right?
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