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Originally Posted by blacksan
I would buy ya an Ensure if ya would street surf with me.

Tell me more about that wicked K2 you posted a pic of.
I'll post pics of it tomorrow! When I get back into it, that's probably what I'm going to start out with.

I spent about 20 minutes trying to find info on the web about it--that model is long gone and all I found pics for were the 3-wheeled K2. The thing has vanished from the face of the earth...but before they did they were fetching pretty good money on ebay.

It's essentially a longboard with a "pole" up front, which allows you to either use it for stability as a n00b, or do more advanced stuff with carving, or you can remove it.

Purists would probably rather die than be seen on it (I took the pole off so I'd be more cool...then put it back on because it works well) but it's sorta perfect for our Geriatric Sk8 Gang here. Confidence-inspiring, but still competent for more advanced stuff.
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