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Originally Posted by Perry
Longboard baby
Fuck YEAH, man. 36 and it's longboard for me as well. I travelled to Europe on business around '98 or so, used it to stack my big-ass suitcase on (stood it on it's side), then stood on the back of the board with one foot and pushed my way through the airports. European cops are surprisingly tolerant of this sort of activity

I rode it in Paris on Bastille Day and what a fucking blast that was. Those sidewalks are puuuuurfect for skating, got all sorts of lost trying to get to the Eiffel Tower from Montrouge. It was a great day I rode the shit out of it in the UK as well. I skated Okinawa and the Philippines while in the service - cheaper than cabs and see more sights. Broke my wrist in the PI once after a long night of barhopping in Olongopo:

Cast reads "Courtesy of: Powell Peralta quality skateboards and San Miguel beer"

You can see my current deck there on top of the grey storage unit - it's an Element, Indy trux :

Some of my old decks are on the wall - memories of fonder, younger and more limber days
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