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It's been a couple of years, but I got a bike that's allowed on advrider so I guess I can join this hugely grown crowd again. I had a T-max for a while which didn't fit on advrider, but now I see there's even a battle scooter section . Anyway, here's my current steed:

It the TDM900A GT version, so with Yammie bags, carter spoiler, tall screen (don't like those, so switched it) and centerstand. Here it is when I just picked it up from the shop a few months ago:

I'll take some updated pics in Spring, because it had some cosmetic updates since the last pics (top pic is in the Picos de Europa in Spain). Crash bars have been replaced with sliders and the chrome standard cans are now black Superpole cans. Even though they are legal cans and with db killers, it seems I can now outrun (although very slightly) a DL1000 V-strom (although the friend who rode it has quite a lot of bio-tuning to do).

Anybody who would like to see the first TDM trip I took through the Picos de Europa can check it out here:

'02 ST1300A Pan European
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