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Originally Posted by Pict
Hi Emile - the Eagle has landed!

Back about 8th January on this thread, Pezz_gs asked about bellypans. I see you've shown the standard Yamaha fitment, but I recall you now have a Puig one - since I'm famously lazy could you post the pic here that you showed us on Carpe? There have been exchanges on aftermarket cans, too.
No, I don't have a Puig one. I mentioned I knew about a very nice looking Puig one I saw on German Ebay which I would have ordered if I wouldn't have had the GT version which already came with the Yammie bellypan. Here's the Puig one:

Go to and type in "TDM 900" (with the space, without the "") for all their TDM 900 items. They got nice stuff. I ordered the MRA screen with them as well as the great looking TDM sliders:

Here a pic I took today, you can see the Superpole cans (legal, with db killers) and the mentioned TDM sliders:

And yes, it's dirty... It actually hasn't been washed ever since new
'02 ST1300A Pan European
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