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I've got a Casio G-Shock, kinda like this. Runs on solar, sets itself by satelite, etc.

For years I used various Ironman watches, but a few years ago my youngest son was in a band and doing well. They were asked by a promoter to perform at a benefit gala for a cancer patient. It was at OSU, and family members had comp tickets. we were told we would be sitting next to Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford. It didn't seem a stretch, since we had heard Harrison had land at Sweet Home, and was seen at the coffee drive-thru in Albany in his Hummer with Calista.
I went out and bought a new leather jacket, shoes, pants, and the watch, replacing my stinky Ironman.
When we showed up, the white coat attendents unlatched the velvet rope and we proceeded to our seats. Time ticked away and the place never filled up. The Honoree spoke, along with the promoter, and the kids perfomed along with others to a basically empty auditorium. The promoter had balls to show his face, but he pumped it up way too much.
My boy had a good lesson, along with the Skittles backstage.
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