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Originally Posted by dizave
Didn't you find the piece about the Poljot movement interesting a few posts ago? Timekeeping is a fascinating topic, and a very accessible one. You can make a clock with probably as few as 5 gears (and the escapement lever thingee) in your workshop, but then again you can also dedicate your life to it. The guys at Tag, who I have to admit I've never really cared for, just came out with a 100ths mechanical stopwatch movement-- there is still progress in a field that is 100s of years old. Mechanical watches tend to use oscillating springs for power and the escapement for regulation, and there are all sorts of interesting escapements out there, but there is all sorts of crap out there with a regular period that aren't so simple and a lot of that has been made into timepieces, too.

Ah well, end boring rant. Most people probably do just want a big rolex with some gold or diamonds anyway.
No doubt. I was oversimplifying.

I think guys like watches because they are jewelry but they appeal to our draw towards machinery.
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