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Originally Posted by spagthorpe
I have a Rolex my Dad gave me on my 18th, used, it was his, that looks a lot like this one, but I could swear he said it was a Submariner:

I'll have to go and look now. Maybe "Oyster date GMT Master II" is the same thing? I know virtually nothing about it. I wonder how I would even know if it was real? I know he said that before he gave it to me, he had the bezel replaced and had it gone over at a watch place, so maybe it's real. I've thought about hawking it. Again, I don't wear watches.
That is a GMT, but trying to tell if it is real or a counterfit, that's impossible by a picture. Look at the back, does the case back and bracelet have the same serial numbers on it? If so and if the second sweeps instead of moving in one second intervals it is probably real. I have one in the same coloure, a real one, and a Sea Dweller which people allways think is fake because it looks exactly like a Submariner without the bubble on the chrystal for the date. I also have a UK pilots issue Breitling, and about 20 other swiss watches. The king of inexpensive quality swiss watches has to be Zodiac...I have two and love those things!
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