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Laugh Morini Camels

Most of the Morinis Camel in the US are what I call the Cagiva Morinis, since they were produced after being acquired by Cagiva. It is a shame as many Italians got pissed, for Cagiva buying Morini and killing it. In fact, Cagiva pushed more commercially its elephants than the Camels. Morini had a 4 valves Camel prototype that was full of promises and it was designed for a Camel, not a street bike. Unfortunately, Cagiva decided not to produce it and closed Morini. What a pity! The Cagiva morinis include the Camel 501 and the 501e (electric starter). I will post some info on those later on...I own one :)

Now time modified pre Cagiva Morinis, the mk1, mk2 and mk3 easily recognizable for the frame being made with round tubes; the engine didn't have nikasil cylinders as the 501s later did.

Find an intersting picture, the red bike on the left is the ufficial valentini bike that raced the dakar sponsored by NAVa, the one on the right is of a havily modified Valentini

I definetly like the bars around the front bike light. Not sure of thier functionality though.

Last find another picture of a modified mk3, custom frame and a custom swing arm . I have been told that the bike now resides in Germany. Yup, most of the italian specials have been bought by non Italians.

Extremely well built bike.

Last but not least the same bike as displayed on the top picture. The picture was taken in Germany where it resides too.

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