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Originally Posted by dorkpunch
what if its a 31 yr old 350? does that count? I put about 750 miles on my '75 XL350 last year. mostly fartin around town with a couple of day trips on back roads and trials. the furthest i ever got away from town was about 35 miles. i know, not much. I'm putting my MT250 on the road this summer and i'll probably get the same out of that. LITTLE BIKES ROCK! Specially the old ones. No competition when it comes to grin factor.
I think we all stray a bit.

This thread was created by Adv Riders interested in touring solutions/info for 250's and smaller bikes but I don't think we should outlaw the 350's though they may not be our main focus. I also have a DR350SE that is a great bike but it is quite a step up from my DR200SE.

Speaking of 350's:

If you have not seen the dvd's Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa they are travelogues of some UK riders on Suzuki DR350's that circumnavigate the globe. You'll get nicked for $28 each but I felt it was money well spent, available from Remember, if you spend a $100+ you can grab that "Lightweight..." booklet free with the order.

Remember, if you just want to show us a picture of your bike or where you are at use the "250cc or less photo thread". However, if you have a pic of a specific touring setup/tech issue post here.

The Suzuki DR200SE only holds 850cc of oil, that is bad and good. The bad part is that is not much oil to handle the responsibilities of cooling and lubrication of an air cooled 4 stroke. The good part is that it is an easy amount to handle at oil change time.

My "on the road strategy" is to carry an empty 1 qt container and change my oil any time I decide. If I will need more than one change with all the bottled beverages available today any refuse container at any rest area is filled with plenty of empties. Most national chain auto parts stores accept used engine oil so drop off old oil there.


I'm sure you have seen the Happy Trails Pannier system. I fiited their system to my 200. Very happy with result. Pic is available on "Suzuki DR200SE Minimalist Tourer" thread I started some time ago. This thread here will be our main thread from now on. Will post pics here again if wanted.

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