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Thumb Yamaha TW200

I just bought a 2007 Yamaha TW200 to tour around Florida where I live. Iíve only got 100 miles on the clock but so far I really like the bike. Iíve owned a KLR650 that my son beat me out of and I had a 04 BMW R1150GSA for awhile but for all around hop on and go itís been a blast so far.

You can spin the whole bike around 180 degrees on the kick stand itís so light.
Iíve looked into some racks for carrying camping equipment and gear and found some made by CycleRacks.

I plan on using the bike to commute back and forth to work and venture out on the week ends and see how it works out. Itís got a pad on the rear fender that will hold my lunch box and there are four bungee pegs on the sub-frame. (Yamaha makes a small rack for the back)

Iíve map quested a couple parks that I want to visit and finding alternate routes to keep off of the interstates doesnít look like itís going to be too bad.
I like to Surf Fish and wanted something that will handle beach sand. The large tires float right through it.

I donít have any reservations taking it off road like I did with the GSA.

When I was a kid growing up we would go ďeverywhereĒ on 250cc or less.

Maybe itís a trend but I think the smaller bikes/scooters are coming back for a lot of different reasons.

Just my opinionÖ
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