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Originally Posted by SIKLR250
My ideal bike weight limit is also 300lb (KLR250 is ~260lb). I have friends who worry about riding lighter bikes on windy days (especially with cross winds), but it seems to me that having a lighter (more maneuverable?) bike is an asset in most situations. What do you guys think?

Other bike requirements for me are: screw/locknut valve adjusters and a kickstarter. I've never used an electric starter (I kick start my CB400T) as it just seems wrong - like a car with an automatic transmission or a boat with a motor. But that's just minimalist me...
It sounds like the KLR 250 would be perfect for you. You'll have to find a shop that still has one, though, or buy a used one, because it's been replaced by the KLX 250. That's good for dirt riders, but as a minimalist dual sport tourer, that really bummed me out.
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