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Be nice, now....

OK. Don't beat me up too much on this, now.
I have taken my KLR2fiddy on plenty of trips with 300+ mile days.
I know I could ride the little'un most anywhere with the time, patience
and planning and enjoy almost every mile.
Some of the places I want to go require crossing some territory I don't want to spend the time or effort on(think NorthEast corridor on the way South) even riding the bigger bikes. I have been thinking about doing more "Tote and Ride" trips. Put the bike on a hitch carrier on the back of my Jeep, arrive less frazzed, dump the camp gear and go out and enjoy the area on the bike.
The light weight makes it easy to carry and you still have the freedom to ride and tour the more remote areas from your base camp.
Maybe this comes from it being 8f outside right now and wishing I could easily throw the bike on the carrier and head South for a little riding enjoyment. Or maybe it comes from turning 60 and feeling old and lazy.
The lightweight bikes we all enjoy are just right for that concept.
I enjoy the 250 so much, if given orders to get rid of all but one bike, I honestly can say the little burro would get the pick.
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