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Thanks a ton for the speedy reply, Moat! Love your "light" set-up too.

WOW! That's a great job and a very clean install on your standoffs. I know zero about metal fabrication...did you need a mandrel to do the bending/curvature of the stock?

All the specific product names are a big help too. I'm looking at the Wolfman Enduro; another guy who owns a KLR250 and a KLR650 said he loves the Explorer/Explorer Lite, but in his opinion they are too big for the 250. Hmmm...

Good to know your load is only 60-70 pounds. It looks like more, but you just must pack "big" not "heavy." I'm about 165-170 these days so I've got almost as much wiggle room as you do (assuming the Sherpa/KLR250 GVWRs are similar).

Thanks again. I may plague you with a few PMs as I get closer to spending the tax refund!
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